About Me


Nature, The Countryside,The Mountains and the Coast.

I am a member of the Anglesey Arts Forum.

I am a keen walker and my works are largley inspired by the sea, mountains and the landscapes that I encounter during my walking trips. I am fortunate to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty with an amazing variety contained within a relatively small easily accessable area. I always say that there is potential for a painting around every corner here.

My works are painted for people who like myself love this nature and its animals, this countryside,these mountains and this coast. I aim to include sufficient detail to retain the integrity of the subject whilst using composition, light and shade and colour to create depth and produce artistically pleasing pictures that everyone interested in these subjects can enjoy.

All of our inherited landscape is under constant threat from both manmade and other sources and so I attempt to record sympathetically these wonderfull views that are all around us here and in so doing I attempt to understand and appreciate more the laws and incredible forces of nature that have formed them through the millenia. It is my hope that this will inspire others to consider them too. I observe where it has been possible for mankind to fit sympathetically into the landscape and not destroy the great beauty that he can never hope to replicate.

Finally I would like to mention the part played by my wife Rita who is an integral part of my work. She accompanies me on most of my walks and gives me endless encouragement in my painting. She revels in promoting my work to anyone who is prepared to listen and does a large proportion of the dogsbody running about - more power to her elbow.

Brian and Rita Bayliss